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A group of Arab activists were arrested in Ahvaz

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The security and intelligence forces have arrested some Arab activists at Kouy-e-Alavai (Hay al Sour) and transferred them to an unknown location, on Sunday August 10, at 5 am in Ahvazarrest17.jpg.


According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), following attendance in Eid-e-Fitr ceremony and congratulation to the families of Arab political prisoners, some of the Arab activists were arrested. The same as past years, Arab activists visited the families of political prisoners, with the aim of showing solidarity with political prisoners’ families, and went to dominated Arab territories like, Malasliyah, Kout Abdullah, Kouy e Alavi and other Arab territories of Ahvaz.

After this ceremony and after 13 days after Eid-e-Fitr, some of these Arab activists were arrested at their houses and were transferred to unknown location by security forces on Sunday, August 10. The identities of five arrestees are already known, though reports are stating the number of arrestees is more than that.

Mohammad Batrani along with two of his brothers, and Abbas Savari and Mohammad Siyahi are the arrestees. Among them, Mr Siyahi has multiple arrests in his record.

Previously, Mr Asad Salehi was arrested during the group visit of Arab political prisoners’ families in Eid-e-Fitr day, on July 19, and was recently transferred to Sepicar prison in Ahvaz.

HRANA News Agency




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