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Two Baha’i Infants Imprisoned with Their Mothers Transferred to Hospital

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 zohre_nik_aein.jpg Two Baha’i infants imprisoned with their mothers in Semnan Prison, were transferred to hospital due to health deterioration.

According to the reports by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA),

Two Baha’i infants suffering from lung and ear infections, imprisoned with their mothers in Semnan prison’s Women Ward (one of the worst prisons in Iran), were transferred to hospital.

Zahra Nik-A’in and Taraneh Torabi, Baha'i citizens who were sentenced to 23 and 20 months in prison, respectively, are serving their sentences at Semnana Prison despite being mothers of infants. Zahra has a 11-month old son, and Taraneh has a five-month old son. All of them are severely sick and need immediate medical care.

Zahra Nik A’in: 14 Mar 2011; Arrested, 03 Apr 2011: Released on 100 million Tomans bail, 16 Apr 2011: Summoned and interrogated, 15 Dec 2011: Sentenced to seven year in prison, but sentenced by Semnan Court of Appeals to 23 month in prison.

Taraneh Torabi: 20 Feb 2011; arrested, 23 Feb 2012: Sentenced to 5 years and 10 months in prison on charges of "setting up and running an illegal group, 02 Jul 2012: Reported sentenced by Semnan Court of Appeals to 20 months.

Mona Majidi is the third Baha’i mother with her infant in Semnan prison

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