Observation about the brutality of amputation of 25 Iranian persons by judiciary

A letter from Mohammad Mostafaei to the United Nations.
Dear the Secretary of United Nations Mr. Ban Ki Moon,
As you know, the promotion and protection of Human Rights is one of the purposes of UN. Then despite the principle of sovereignty, for preventing violation of human rights, maintaining international peace and security and for preventing crimes against humanity and genocide the United Nations and with its subsidiary, the Human Rights Commission were established. The fundamental violation of human rights in Iran caused that I notify you about amputation of perpetrators by the Islamic Republic of Iran with this hope that maybe these violations that are spreading in the 21th century be stopped by the International methods.

1- In the three annual reports in violation of human rights in Iran you declared your concern about the amputation of perpetrators in Iran. According to the paragraph 26 of the Annual Report in 2008: the Amputation is a matter of concern even so it would be justified as an Islamic punishment by the authorities. It is worth noting that when this problem declared in the Annual Report, the Judiciary mostly had punished the thieves with imprisonment instead of amputation. In the annual report of UN in 2009, the UN just merely declared its concern about amputation and described it as an inhuman behavior and against dignity of human beings.
2- After appointment of Mr. Sayed Sadeq Larijani the head of Judiciary by the Leader of Islamic Republic of Iran in 2009, the situation of human rights is worsened systematically. The issuance of arbitrary decisions-sentences to the execution, whipping and amputation- are intensified by the Judiciary. Then now it is necessary that the UN, not with hesitation but with a serious action, condemn the violation of human rights by the Islamic Republic of Iran and practically- not with recommendation and issuance of declaration- protect the rights of people of Iran.
3- In the less that one year 25 cases of amputation are reported by the official resources of Islamic Republic; that it is a crime against humanity and this has caused that Iran be in the first rank of punishing with amputation in the world. The penalty that is opposed to the culture of Iran. In the beginning of Solar Year of 1389 (April 2010), according to the Mr. Reza Abolhasani attorney general of Mahshahr, the legs and hands of young victim amputated for being in charge of thievery. Subsequently, the former general attorney of Ahwaz Mr. Dawud Sadeqi approved the amputation of six persons accused for thievery and declared that we were satisfied by this amputation. Also in the previous month four persons were amputated in this city. In the city of Mashhad the amputation of some peoples in front of other prisoners was approved by the general attorney of Mashhad Mr. Mohammad Zowghi.

Mr. Sayed Ebrahim Raysi the first assistant director of Judiciary of Iran mentioned that the amputation of young man in Yazd was according to the rules of Islam and it would be repeated in the future if the judge recognizes it necessary for the punishment of the guilty. He also mentioned that the amputation is one of the glories of Islamic Republic of Iran.
Recently, the punishment of amputation of 21 years old man was issued by the judge Mr Mohammad Reza Giyuki (judge in the branch of 1156 of the court). the former general attorney of Hamedan and Ghazvin Mr.Akbar Biglary and Mr. Sadegh Niaraki approved the amputation of 9 persons accused for thievery .
Dear Mr. Ban Ki Moon,
-    Punishments of perpetrators to amputation are justified by implementing the rules of Islam. But it is not the reason of amputation; these convictions and implementation of them especially in these years are originated from disability of authorities in administrating the country, huge inflation and creation of a ground for committing crimes. The majority of perpetrators of thievery are poor, illiterate and unemployed and then it is impossible for them, because of lack of support by the government, to provide enough salary to spend for living expenses of themselves and their families. Sometimes, just for obtaining one million Tuman (1000 Dollar) they have to ignore those harsh punishments and commit thievery and be punished with amputation and finally, being faced to the disability of work for the entire of their life. While the authorities of Iran for concealing their weaknesses, amputate the hands of Iranian people, they spend billions of Dollars of oil resources, that belong to these peoples, for strengthening themselves in the middle east by paying it to the Lebanon and Afghanistan etc. or with spending it for the improvement of their weaponry.
-    The question is whether the countries like Norway and Switzerland amputate the hands of their people for preventing the thievery? Is it humanity and fair that the government in a rich country keeps their people in poverty and amputates them with the name of Islam?
Mr. Ban Ki Moon! You have this power that you gained from members of the UN and the UN Charter to prevent the violators of human rights from violation and crimes against humanity. You can condemn the violators of human rights and establish the international tribunals for their crimes. If you want to maintain peace and security in the world that it is the purpose of the UN then you should not do any failure in the promotion and protection of human rights in the world. You should not allow that the violators of human rights easily oppress the defenseless peoples and annihilate them. It is necessary that the UN with more strong, support the victims of violation of human rights in the world.
Kind regards,
Mohammad Mostafay, attorney at law in Iran